Our Team

Welfare Committee & Trustees

Jonathan Fell is the Chair of the Benevolent fund, Tony Scanlan is the Chair of the Welfare Fund Committee and Nicky Snook is the treasurer. The Welfare Committee meet on a quarterly basis to approve new applications and requests for grants from existing beneficiaries.

Charity Administrators

Forum Court Associates acts as the Charity Administrators to support the day-to-day running and management of The Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Trade Benevolent Fund (Tobacco Trade Charity). Forum Court Associates has worked alongside specialised trade association and charity clients for nearly three decades.

Applicants and Beneficiaries can speak with one of the administrators at Forum Court Associates, whose staff include; Ciaran Jennings, Johanna Jennings, Grace Hawkins, Caroline Kratz, Angharad Lambourne-Wade, Daniel Ball, Katie Kennedy, Amy Hart and Terri Lartice.

The Charity Administrators put forward applications from new applicants to the Welfare Fund Committee as well as additional requests for help from established beneficiaries. They will also put new applicants and beneficiaries in touch with a Field Welfare Officer.

Field Welfare Officers

Field Welfare Officers include: Dot Curtin, David Purves, Fred Kirkland and Peter Patton.